Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Polar heart rate monitor straps

Get The Best Polar Heart Rate Monitor Straps

If have been working on becoming physically fit within the recent months, then it is possible that you already possess one of the most well-loved heart monitors on the market – the Polar heart rate monitor.

The Polar heart rate monitor is popular because it was designed to work efficiently and easily; later models have also been designed in such a way that they actually help endurance athletes and strength training enthusiasts achieve the best results with their workouts.

One of the best things about using the Polar heart rate monitor is that it is never cumbersome– it can always be worn discreetly on the body in such a way that you might forget that it’s even there in the first place. The secret to this, of course, is the special heart rate monitor straps that can be purchased from companies such as Amazon and Polar USA.

The Wearlink+ strap for instance, is manufactured from material that is extremely durable yet soft on the skin. Fitness enthusiasts know just how important this comfort is to a quality workout.

If you are working out with a device possessing straps that were made from substandard materials, your skin will suffer from the discomfort and itchy spots from the scratching of low-quality material.

Since heart rate monitors are designed to remain near the skin for the duration of a run or a strength training round at your local gym, it is best to always use genuine Polar straps so you will have the best workout experience possible.

The Wearlink+ strap, which is the most popular kind of strap for different Polar heart rate monitor models, is not only gentle on the skin, but is also very easy to use.

You will not be frustrated when you are applying (or removing) this strap, because it was speficially designed in such a way that you can hook and unhook it within seconds.

Once you hook it into place, it stays there no matter how vigorous your movement is during your workout. When you are done, simply unhook it, and the polar heart rate monitor detaches from your body in seconds. Genuine Wearlink+ straps from Polar come in different sizes, so be sure to make the right measurements before buying online.

You can choose from the following sizes: extra small to small, medium to double XL, and triple XL. Each size corresponds to different body masses; the largest body mass that a Polar Wearlink+ strap can support is around 240 pounds.

Straps that are extra small (XS) were meant to be worn by individuals who weigh around 90 pounds. If you want a strap that is even more comfortable and softer than the Wearlink+ strap, we recommend the Polar soft strap.

The Wearlink+ strap can be used on any Polar heart rate monitor model, so it doesn’t matter if you have a basic unit or a more sophisticated one at home.

If you also have a GPS device from Polar, you will need the Polar GPS strap as well, which is manufactured from the same superior materials that are used in the Wearlink+ strap and the elastic strap.

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