Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Polar Heart Rate Monitor Battery

Top 4 Polar Heart Rate Monitor Batteries

Whether you are a serious fitness enthusiast or a professional athlete looking for that additional edge over your competition, then you can greatly benefit from having a Polar heart rate monitor strapped on whenever you are working out.

These efficient devices have helped literally thousands of people monitor their cardio-respiratory endurance through time; the more recent Polar heart rate monitors have been designed with a built-in program that helps people set the precise tempo of their workouts.

Each Polar heart rate monitor has been preinstalled with long-lasting 3-volt batteries. Should your receiver or transmitter run out of power, you can always purchase new ones from companies such as Amazon, or directly from Polar USA.

Online purchases are always the best choice for many people because you can avoid traveling directly to the retailer anymore – just place your order online and new Polar heart rate monitor batteries will be delivered directly to your doorstep in no time at all.

Genuine batteries are available for the following models: CS600, CS500, CS400, FT7, FT4, RCX3, FT80, FT60, FT40, FA20, RS800, RS400, RCX5, s3, s3+, and the Wearlink+ Connector. Each genuine battery set comes with a battery cover and an authentic sealing ring; both of which are not found in non-genuine batteries.

We highly recommend that you purchase only recommended batteries so that you will get the best experience from your Polar heart rate monitors. Using cheap batteries found online may reduce the optimal performance of your heart rate monitors, and may even cause mechanical damage should a chemical leak occur.

Some substandard batteries have been known to cause such problems. If you have already purchased a genuine battery set from Amazon or some other online retailer, it’s time to insert your new set into the device.

First, you have to remove the actual receiver unit from its larger casing. The bigger frame is actually just a cover/protector for the internal receiver unit. Turn your unit around and you will see the actual internal unit that is protected by a strap.

Pull gently on the strap to remove the internal unit from the larger protective casing. The battery set for the unit is covered by a regular battery hatch. There’s a small tab located there that has to be pressed in order to release the internal lock.

You can use a toothpick or a small Philip screwdriver to press this tab. Once the lock has been loosened, use a smaller pointed tool to pry out the battery inside.

Do not be too energetic when pulling out the battery, because you might damage the surrounding plastic with your screwdriver. If in doubt, use something that would cause less damage (such as a plastic toothpick). When the old battery is finally out, place your new battery set into it the cavity where the old battery was initially installed.

Press down on the battery lock until the tab clicks. Place the internal receiver unit back into its larger protective casing until you see that it has fit snugly back into its original housing.

Test the unit to see if it’s working – you should be able to see the default screen immediately when the new battery has been installed. If the display does not light up, you may have inserted the battery incorrectly. Reverse the sides of the battery and try again.

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